• Smart Mesh

  • Comprehensive
    Wireless System

  • IoT Smart Platform


Smart Mesh Infrastructure

Aicentech provides state-of-art Mesh Connectivity Infrastructure system with multiple Access Points seamlessly forming mesh network that provides corner to corner full wireless coverage for your living space.

  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Zigbee
  • Z-Wave

Comprehensive Wireless System

Aicentech solution inclusive of multiple type of wireless components that provide access of Wi-Fi clients, and various Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi based IoT devices co-existed in a single system, with intelligence that manage and mitigate the interferences of multiple wireless application in your connected living space and provides a reliable wireless environment. For easy deployment and administration, Aicentech Wireless system can be managed over the Cloud through the Web base interface provided.

IoT Smart Platform

A1 Smart Suite, as part of Aicentech solution, is architected to consolidate IoT application in order to achieve Single IoT user controller interface for cross-brands, cross technology IoT ecosystem and Home automation. It is a Smart Home Central Controller with various of IoT services and applications built-in, along with User APP provided to host compatible IoT devices and scenes with account and privilege manager. The platform is scalable to easy include more IoT devices in the future.

Beyond a Cloud-based manager, A1 Smart Suite serves as a cloud proxy and backup to ensure IoT services are not interrupted due to internet connection issues.

A1 Smart Suite also provides extra level of security for IoT device control and management over the Cloud.

  • Security
  • Energy
  • Life Style
  • Elder Care
  • Home
  • Network
  • Account
  • Device